VistA Software
VistA is a trusted electronic health record system providing the latest medical software

What is VistA
VistA is a trusted, proven, and economical electronic health record system.

What is VistA Presentation

VistA is an enterprise-wide, fully integrated, fully functional information system built around an electronic health record. It is easily customizable and can be configured to fit any type of healthcare organization, from clinics and medical practices to nursing homes and large hospitals. VistA has been named one of the best healthcare information systems in the nation by the Institute of Medicine.

Developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VistA healthcare information system supports the hospitals and clinics serving veterans throughout the US. VistA has been deployed in thousands of healthcare facilities, both domestic and international.

Because VistA is available in the public domain, there are no license fees to use the software. This makes VistA an affordable electronic health record system for healthcare organizations.

VistA provides healthcare facilities with all of the tools needed to reduce patient errors, lower costs, and improve the quality of care, including:

* Computerized order entry
* Bar code medication administration
* Electronic prescribing
* Clinical guidelines

Why use VistA
"One of the best healthcare information systems in the nation."
- The Institute of Medicine

Why Use VistA Presentation

VistA is a fully functional, fully integrated, enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) system, and is one of the most powerful information systems ever developed. VistA´s modular structure allows the EHR to be precisely tailored to fit the needs of any type of healthcare organization from simple to complex and everything in between. Because VistA is available in the public domain, there are no license fees to use the software, which significantly reduces total cost of ownership. Additionally, VistA is supported by multiple companies so you have many choices for service. Your organization can be assured that the software will always be available and will always be supported.

Electronic health records are receiving increased recognition today as an important tool for improving the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare. The VA has documented the benefits of VistA´s EHR functionality to include the following:

* Improves quality of patient care by providing all patient information in one easy-to-access repository
* Reduces potential of medical errors due to lack of data or poor handwriting
* Facilitates communication among caregivers
* Allows data to be entered at the point of service and shared among multiple users
* Reduces cost by eliminating duplicate orders
* Reduces time spent searching for patient information
* Eliminates redundant record-keeping

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